WORLDONENESSDAY 6 coalition of the people


~ Oneness and Globalisation are a threat only to those who believe in the old world. ~

Waiting for the tipping point is perhaps the same as waiting for the messiah. If a messiah arrives, it is because a point has been reached where one has attained onenessconsciousness and thereby enlightens oneself, others and a part of the world. Although this has happened in the past, we now live in a different time. In addition, that which is meant to be is the same as in the past. The past repeats itself, because people choose that path and have done so in the past right up to this day.

The message from the past needs no repetition and is the same as before. The lessons remain the same for humanity. As long as they are not learned, nothing changes. Onenessconsciousness is a consciousness where the tipping point has already been reached and realised.

Even after the energy transition, we are not there yet. The energy transition helps people to arrive at onenessconsciousness.
The resistance to the energy transition is the same as the resistance to unification. The resistance against unification is based on the fear that the mass of people will reach the consciousness where the tipping point will take place. A point in the consciousness of humanity and in the reality that one has ended up in, or the Momentum where everything changes for all humanity and the world. The consciousness that this creates, the consciousness that is then attained and what is meant to be, all those ages of history through which humanity has been preparing to enter this age, is the onenessconsciousness. The point at which this is reached has arrived. The great day on which this takes place is the heavenly day, which lasts not a day in earth time and has already begun.

Therefore, it is up to every person who currently lives on this earth to make the choice to take the path that leads to themselves, to realise the ‘messiah’ within themselves, instead of waiting for that which is supposed to come. Nothing will arrive if the masses don’t decide to maintain and expand the movement that has already started, and deliver one and the same message.

The tipping point will not arrive as long as people keep waiting for it. The tipping point is the point at which mankind and all of humanity have reached onenessconsciousness and thereby have transformed both themselves and the earth!

One Earth, one humanity, one message, one religion, one mission, one road, one consciousness, one choice and that choice is the actual realisation of the consciousness that belongs to it: onenessconsciousness.

It is not just a word without meaning. It is the consciousness of our own origin and the choice is up to each one to want to go back to it. Indeed, wanting to go. The right will is all that matters. There won’t be a tipping point if one is afraid of what it will bring. Courage is necessary.

Economic unification is part of unification and the road to oneness. Just as unification of cultures, integration and financial inclusion. Unification is not the misunderstanding. Unification and globalisation are part of the solution. Part of the problem is that people expect others to solve their problem and that they don’t have to do anything themselves to make any changes to their lives. Part of the problem is that people are against globalisation and unification, but at the same time, every day, support and promote that which the power, the movement towards unification and unification is trying to hijack, and promote it in everything they do and everything they are. In the choices they make, things they buy and the words they proclaim.

The road to oneness has been set in motion long ago, and has continued right up to the present day. The route that was followed is apparently as it was intended. In every period of time, there have been people who have made choices to deviate from the path to unity, only the movement towards it cannot be stopped. It is meant to be. It is the new world that reveals itself.

Everyone is part of the solution if one enters into unification with oneself and thus with the whole world.



Both in the past and present, people have moved to the forefront of oneness. People who have lived to bring the people of the world closer together and bring oneness to the world, all in their own way.
You are already at the forefront if you are not afraid to be yourself in this world. You are already at the forefront if you have realized onenessconsciousness within yourself. You are a bearer of unity and a bearer of consciousness and your participation in this movement is essential. The whole movement is essential to achieve further oneness in the world, instead of being distracted by all kinds of world events.

The more participants in the movement, the sooner the Momentum of true unity is achieved and the greater the impact will be. In the MOMENTUM, everything changes.

The more people, the greater the focus on what the events in the world, both inner and outer, are really about: oneness.
The greater the attention and the clearer the focus, the more effect it has on the total consciousness in the world.
We can truly achieve results if we act now to lead humanity into the Momentum, for the misunderstandings, manipulation and resistance that existed will disappear and true oneness will become a fact.
This has already been accomplished several times, albeit on a smaller scale. Now, the Moment has arrived for which we have all been waiting. Because the waiting is not for a tipping point; the waiting is for yourself to make that choice. The choice of oneness and going back to yourself and the consciousness that we already know and have; back to the origin.

The Unification of Everything

The consciousness of oneness is the unification of everything. Everything in the world is a great event that ultimately leads to this unification and oneness. Not only of countries in the world, but also of science (one theory for all), religion and world leadership. And that leadership is you! You can make an impact wherever you want and in whatever way suits you best!

This movement can become as great as we want it to be, because the movement towards oneness is enormous!




~ one with yourself and one with the world ~

What is the onenessconsciousness?
Onenessconsciousness is the awareness that we are one, interconnected, and that all is oneness. One with everything and to be one with Yourself. The movement you make is therefore the movement towards yourself. Life is a great movement and everyone makes this movement, participating in this movement and belonging to this movement, because everyone here on this planet is here for a reason.

ONenessconsciousness is universal and omnipresent, with everything, thus also in the oneness. Humanity is moving into this oneness, in order to enter fully into the onenessconsciousness or universal consciousness. The world and humanity is in a great movement towards a new consciousness for this planet. A consciousness that is already there, of which humanity is not yet fully aware.

That is why WORLD ONENESS DAY was created to make everyone aware of this challenge. Because this is how the onenessconsciousness becomes complete and people can return to their own origin and their own self-unification.


The day when all people come together for the great challenge, which is to enter into oneness with themselves. Because after one has discovered oneself there are no more challenges, other than to actually realise this unification on Earth.

Therefore, this day was conceived in order to convince the world that anyone can come back into oneness consciousness if they choose and not, as some claim, that oneness is an illusion. An illusion much like the one we have currently created for ourselves, i.e. the world in which we now live.

And the other side of the story is that people are global citizens who know what they can do with it and therefore also have their own responsibility. Having the ability, thereby, to organise their own lives, as inspired by God.
As such, other people can also give their own children a future that is in line with their own father and mother or with their own selves. And this is the day!


The Inner Challenge – Back to the Origins

Unity consciousness or universal consciousness is the new paradigm! Such as inclusivity, unification, interconnection, self-organisation
self-direction, self-realisation, self-education, self-financing and integration. The unity consciousness stands on its own. It brings immediate insight and solutions as soon as you find yourself in this unity consciousness! Because this is the consciousness of the origin and is eternal like the light. It is omnipresent and therefore universal. Only the actual movement towards it is the inner challenge.
The challenge is to free yourself from everything that does not belong to you. It’s not just a question of escaping the collective mindset, which is not your own, but also about transforming yourself, thereby rising from within yourself to a higher level. Dare to let go of the idea that the world we have created is real, so that the real world comes out in you.

The outer challenge – Escape from the Collective Mindset

One helps the other. Taking on the inner challenge within yourself helps you get out of the collective mindset and vice versa, distancing yourself from the collective mindset brings you closer to yourself, through:
Distancing yourself from all power politics, ranks and positions, monopoly, protectionism, duality, polarisation, political “left-right”.

Distancing yourself from all competition, rivalry, exclusivity, poverty awareness, scarcity awareness, greed, material fulfilment of needs, market forces.
Distancing yourself from religious dogmas, fanaticism, religious fanaticism, doctrine, manipulation. The misconceptions in all -isms. Freedom of speech. System crisis. Financial crisis.

Serving only the whole, “one for all” and leading all to unity, oneness, uniting without giving up one’s own sovereignty or identity. Creating abundance and fulfilment. Achieving scientific breakthroughs by solving our own paradigms. Rediscovering and bringing back the essence of life within all ‘institutes’ of this society.

Transformation of the entire old paradigm, dogmas, counter-evolutionary systems and the way in which old paradigms are anchored within the institutions.

Transformation of the collective mindset through: collective realisation, collective leadership, collective innovation, collective financing.

The collective mindset is outward-looking. The outer world is not real. Inside is where the true events take place! Keeping the focus inward rather than on the distractions of the outer world, because that is one big distraction from what really matters.

In short: leave what is outside of yourself outside of yourself! Leave what belongs to someone else and stay with yourself under all circumstances and develop the capacity for discernment.