The movement that exists to another world is often led by action groups that are the first to see that there are things that people want to change. This movement is still regularly suppressed by certain government leaders. The fact that certain governments of countries cannot or do not want to come along is an obstacle to the development of the entire world. So every continent counts in achieving onenessconsciousness and abundance in the world.

The fact that this is essential for these countries to be taken along by the rest of the world may become increasingly critical as time goes on. Because it stands in the way of an entire global development towards a new consciousness and the realisation thereof. Therefore, it is good that every country participates or wants to participate in the abundance in the world.


The oneness consciousness among the people in the world ensures that people, if government leaders do not take the right decisions, take to the streets if necessary and now demonstrate and take on leadership themselves. Although this is still considered undesirable in some countries, this development cannot be stopped because people are activated by the oneness consciousness. One with all and all with one is the thought that no one can escape. All that remains is a road, a route to a new world that has already been set in motion.

Yet that development is threatened and the necessary resistance will have to be overcome, because certain leaders in the world are not of this oneness consciousness. Therefore, a coalition of the people is needed to support this roadmap and initiate onenessconsciousness and the realisation of abundance (not wealth) and change the world.

The Coalition of the People is a coalition in which anyone can take part. Everyone can easily contribute to this revolution simply by participating in the movement and working as an ambassador in the region and taking on the challenge. Together with the large groups of people in various parts of the world, we can reverse the imbalance and restore balance in the world

by acting as a leading platform in various parts of the world.

There are seven areas of focus: Peace and Security, Economic and Social Development, Human Rights, Humanitarian Affairs and International Law.

The Roadmap shows which actions, goals, problems to be solved and alternative solutions there are to achieve further world unity.