the inner challenge
BAck to the origin

Onenessconsciousness or universal consciousness is the new paradigm! Such as inclusivity, unification, interconnection, self-organisation
self-direction, self-realisation, self-education, self-financing and integration. The onenessconsciousness stands on its own. It brings immediate insight and solutions as soon as you find yourself in this unity consciousness! Because this is the consciousness of the origin and is eternal like the light. It is omnipresent and therefore universal. Only the actual movement towards it is the inner challenge.
The challenge is to free yourself from everything that does not belong to you. It's not just a question of escaping the collective mindset, which is not your own, but also about transforming yourself, thereby rising from within yourself to a higher level. Dare to let go of the idea that the world we have created is real, so that the real world comes out in you.


One helps the other. Taking on the inner challenge within yourself helps you get out of the collective mindset and vice versa, distancing yourself from the collective mindset brings you closer to yourself, through:
Distancing yourself from all power politics, ranks and positions, monopoly, protectionism, duality, polarisation, political “left-right”.

Distancing yourself from all competition, rivalry, exclusivity, poverty awareness, scarcity awareness, greed, material fulfilment of needs, market forces.
Distancing yourself from religious dogmas, fanaticism, religious fanaticism, doctrine, manipulation. The misconceptions in all -isms.

Freedom of speech. System crisis. Financial crisis.

Serving only the whole, "one for all" and leading all to oneness , oneness, uniting without giving up one's own sovereignty or identity. Creating abundance and fulfilment. Achieving scientific breakthroughs by solving our own paradigms. Rediscovering and bringing back the essence of life within all 'institutes' of this society.

Transformation of the entire old paradigm, dogmas, counter-evolutionary systems and the way in which old paradigms are anchored within the institutions.

Transformation of the collective mindset through: collective realisation, collective leadership, collective innovation, collective financing.

The collective mindset is outward-looking. The outer world is not real. Inside is where the true events take place! Keeping the focus inward rather than on the distractions of the outer world, because that is one big distraction from what really matters.

In short: leave what is outside of yourself outside of yourself! Leave what belongs to someone else and stay with yourself under all circumstances and develop the capacity for discernment.