~ one with yourself and one with the world ~

What is oneness consciousness? Onenessconsciousness is the awareness that we are one, interconnected, and that all is oneness. One with everything and to be one with Yourself. The movement you make is therefore the movement towards yourself. Life is a great movement and everyone makes this movement, participating in this movement and belonging to this movement, because everyone here on this planet is here for a reason.

Onenessconsciousness is universal and omnipresent, with everything, thus also in the oneness. Humanity is moving into this oneness, in order to enter fully into the Onenessconsciousness or universal consciousness. The world and humanity is in a great movement towards a new consciousness for this planet. A consciousness that is already there, of which humanity is not yet fully aware.

That is why WORLDONENESSDAY was created to make everyone aware of this challenge. Because this is how the onenessconsciousness becomes complete and people can return to their own origin and their own self-unification.


The day when all people come together for the great challenge, which is to enter into oneness with themselves. Because after one has discovered oneself there are no more challenges, other than to actually realise this unification on Earth.

Therefore, this day was conceived in order to convince the world that anyone can come back into unity consciousness if they choose and not, as some claim, that unity is an illusion. An illusion much like the one we have currently created for ourselves, i.e. the world in which we now live.

And the other side of the story is that people are global citizens who know what they can do with it and therefore also have their own responsibility. Having the ability, thereby, to organise their own lives, as inspired by God.
As such, other people can also give their own children a future that is in line with their own father and mother or with their own selves. And this is the day!