Both in the past and present, people have moved to the forefront of oneness. People who have lived to bring the people of the world closer together and bring oneness to the world, all in their own way.
You are already at the forefront if you are not afraid to be yourself in this world. You are already at the forefront if you have realized onenessconsciousness within yourself. You are a bearer of unity and a bearer of consciousness and your participation in this movement is essential. The whole movement is essential to achieve further oneness in the world, instead of being distracted by all kinds of world events.

The more participants in the movement, the sooner the Momentum of true unity is achieved and the greater the impact will be. In the MOMENTUM, everything changes.

The more people, the greater the focus on what the events in the world, both inner and outer, are really about: oneness.
The greater the attention and the clearer the focus, the more effect it has on the total consciousness in the world.
We can truly achieve results if we act now to lead humanity into the Momentum, for the misunderstandings, manipulation and resistance that existed will disappear and true oneness will become a fact.
This has already been accomplished several times, albeit on a smaller scale. Now, the Moment has arrived for which we have all been waiting. Because the waiting is not for a tipping point; the waiting is for yourself to make that choice. The choice of oneness and going back to yourself and the consciousness that we already know and have; back to the origin.

The Unification of Everything

The consciousness of oneness is the unification of everything. Everything in the world is a great event that ultimately leads to this unification and oneness. Not only of countries in the world, but also of science (one theory for all), religion and world leadership. And that leadership is you! You can make an impact wherever you want and in whatever way suits you best!

This movement can become as great as we want it to be, because the movement towards oneness is enormous!

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