As we now know, we are living in interesting as well as challenging times on this planet. The onenessconsciousness has already generated a lot of movement in the last decade. Humanity and this world are destined for oneness. The manifestation thereof is meant to be, although the outcome is not final. It is dependent on humanity itself because onenessconsciousness, as a result of misinformation and a lot of resistance, is not widely understood in the world today.

In the last decade, there have been numerous movements of people who, driven by a new consciousness, take action en masse to stand up for their lives, their rights, their self-determination, their free will and, ultimately, what they believe is right. Attempts are being made to manipulate these movements, or worse. Unfortunately the new isn't good for those who still believe in the old world as the best option. Manipulation, indoctrination, old dogmas: we live in a time when this is actually no longer possible.

It essentially means escaping the oppression of religious institutions and their followers. People in certain parts of the world have not yet managed to reach the road to relative freedom as is known in the West. Over the last centuries, developments in the West have led to this relative freedom and liberation from religious dogmas and indoctrination. Albeit via the longest possible route. A road that other parts of the world are yet to follow.


The other side to this story is that people in the West have managed to achieve great prosperity. People have it almost too good, especially in comparison to other parts of the world where this is not the case. Wealth, often to its detriment, is not abundance. Abundance can only be achieved when the flow of money is shared by all. Abundance is shared wealth.

Things are not going well in certain parts of the world and people in the West are yet to fully grasp that. We see the images, but the awareness of oneness consciousness is yet to truly sink in. The awareness that we cannot progress if humanity excludes certain parts of the world from the abundance that is achieved. The latter is not possible if abundance isn't shared.

This is also the reason that humanity gets stuck at certain points and is unable to find solutions. While society has been clamouring to be heard in recent years, people in all kinds of leadership positions have, as yet, failed to listen. Furthermore, there is insufficient awareness in the world that the solution of one problem can directly affect the solution of another problem, potentially allowing for a flow of solutions that can spread across the globe.

Financial inclusion is the realisation that abundance can only be achieved if ALL people can share in one and the same abundance, not wealth. Inclusion is part of the onenessconsciousness!

Realising onenessconsciousness is no easy task. There are still issues in the world when it comes to the distribution of money and power. While people do not yet understand that onenessconsciousness leads to far greater abundance.
As long as there is oppression or manipulation in the world on the part of any institution, we will all be denied true abundance. That realisation is part of the onenessconsciousness which, in turn, is opposed by the same oppression.

There is resistance in all kinds of ways, both in the Western World and in the east, north or south, but it is no longer about which part of the world one inhabits, we are all connected and therefore all responsible. We can no longer deny it, and as time goes on, this awareness will continue to grow, as will the resistance. This could lead to even greater events occurring than the ones we have seen so far. The current age is one in which people will no longer allow themselves to be easily oppressed, especially not with the prospect of total abundance. This spells the end for the established order, because then there will be no stopping it.

The people have more power and, by that time, they will realise that.


This is not just a mission we must achieve, it's also a duty. A duty towards the people who still live in the conditions man has struggled through for many
centuries. Despite the fact that these are completely different times we live in.
How much suffering humanity has already gone through as a result of slavery, oppression, manipulation of power, wars, and modern-day slavery! The current times indicate that this is no longer possible.

A growing onenessconsciousness is the cause of this change and when the awareness of oneness consciousness really begins to sink in, there will be no turning back.