The outward appearance of chaos and crisis is exactly what distracts many from what really matters, while at the same time it can lead us to underlying causes, which are essentially found within ourselves.
The misunderstandings, the confusion about the new world and the views on it threaten to divide people. Furthermore, unity and globalisation are directly linked. Unity and globalisation are a danger only to those who believe in the old world!

One way or the other, whichever way you look at it, unity consciousness is ultimately the result. Although this road still has many obstacles.
Freedom of expression as well as equality between people are part of this universal unityconsciousness. Fundamental beliefs lead to events in the world in which people "find" each other for a reason and apparently there is still something that we as humanity have to learn, otherwise certain things would not happen.

The new world comes forth from a growing consciousness. The light it produces also sheds light on things previously unnoticed and even a new light on the entire understanding of the new world itself.
Even while retaining one's own convictions, there are opportunities to learn from each other and to come closer together. It is essential, on the other hand, to be vigilant of certain individuals who wish to polarise and cause division. The fact that these people even present themselves is apparently a signal, within the whole of the events, that there is still something to learn. The fact that we are not quite there yet, but apparently we are on the right track. This gives hope and in the end that's positive.

Solve and/or learn what there is to learn and solve and the threat will disappear by itself. This is what lies ahead for us if we want it. This is the reality behind all the news.

Events now are bringing people closer together and ultimately leading us to a greater unityconsciousness. That is the light that grows and serves to further increase the power and momentum. Too big for those who want to cause divisiveness and possibly unforeseen for those who want to achieve it, consciously or unconsciously. However, there is still a lot of resistance from certain groups.


Unityconsciousness is already here, but not all of humanity fully has the will to go approach it yet.
There is one difficulty and that is that there are great economic interests in the world and individuals, organisations, or institutions fail to see how they can exist in the new world, unwilling to let go of their interests out of fear of losing something, which is part of the illusion. More significant is the importance of the whole of the unity, rather than parts of it, and the ultimate abundance that can be achieved with it.

This can continue to thrive in a new society, albeit in a different, new way!

The times we are living in give us the opportunity to make this unity a reality, simply through our own choices, but for some groups this outcome seems very challenging! In reality, however, it is the only true reality and safe outcome for all, which will eventually also bring unprecedented abundance for all people in this world. Yes, this can be our true reality. If the movement is big enough, even the last human beings on Earth will eventually start to see unity and abundance as the only real reality, even if they thought they were giving up so much with it.

The message of oneness wants to be heard and must be heard now. This might be more important than ever before! Let's make this movement big and share this message, as much as possible, far and wide!